The Speech of the Honourable George Knox Representative in Parliament for the University of Dublin in the House of Commons February 17 1800 on the Subject of an Incorporate Union of Great Britain and Ireland
The Right Improvement of Alarming Providences a Sermon Preached at Cheshunt in Hertfordshire March 18th 1749-50 on Occasion of the Two Late Earthquakes by John Mason AM
A Short Account of the Proceedings of R S Bishop of a Dissenting Congregation in London with Some of the Brethren Against a Member of That Church as an Heretick in a Letter to a Friend
A Sermon Preached to the Societies for Reformation of Manners at St Mary-Le-Bow on Monday January the 3d 1725 by John Lord Bishop of St Asaph
A List of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal with the Knights of Shires Citizens and Burgesses Chosen to Serve in the Parliament of Great-Britain Summoned to Meet at Westminster on the 17th of March 1715 as Now They Stand Returned
The Substance of a Discourse on Haggai Chap II V 9
The Handsome Arabian Or a Trip to the Board the Court and the Temple to Which Is Annexd Fogs Delirium Or a Pill for the Craftsman a Poem on the Times by Way of Dialogue
Americanische Calender Auf Das 1772ste Jahr Christi Der
The Life and Death of St George to Which Is Added the Song of St George and the Dragon
The Utility of Learning to a Christian Minister a Sermon Preached at Broadmead Bristol August 27 1783 Being the Day of the Annual Meeting of the Education-Society by Samuel Stennett DD
A Short Defence of the Doctrine of the Divinity of Christ With Some Remarks Upon a Late Appeal to the Serious and Candid Professors of Christianity
The Excellency of Moral Duties a Sermon Preachd at St Edmunds Bury on Thursday the 28th of March 1754 Before the Hon Sir Thomas Denison at the Assizes Held There for the County of Suffolk by Charles Umfreville
A Bill for the More Effectual Securing the Duties Upon Tobacco
A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of York on Sunday the 4th Day of March 1759 at the Lent Assizes Before the Hon Sir Michael Foster by William Cayley
The Humbugged Turned Humbugger Or the True Art of Humbugging Discovered Ontaining Variety of Adventures Pleasant Moral and Instructive by Joseph Litle Number I the Third Edition
A Short and Plain Account of Religion for the Instruction of Families by Being Often Read in Them Recommended Especially to Those Under His Charge by a Divine of the Church of England the Second Edition
The White-Rose-Tree Sound at Root Tho the Leaves Are a Little Shaken Wherein Several Truths Wrote by the Light of a Dark Lanthorn Are Inserted Dedicated to His (Late) Grace the D- Of O-- by Caleb dAnvers
The iquipoise or the Constitution Ballanced of 1 Volume 1
The Pleasures of a Single Life Or the Misers of Matrimony by Sir Iohn Dillon Kt to Which Is Added the Choice Or the Pleasures of a Country Life Dedicated to the Beaus Against the Next Vacation
The Life and Death of St George Champion of England
The Religious Mans Companion Set Forth in Two Sermons Preached in the Parish Church of Horning in the County of Norfolk by George Kenwrick
A Sermon Preached at the Cathedral Church in Lincoln on Sunday the 14th of September 1783 for the Benefit of the County Hospital by Henry Peckwell the Second Edition
An ACT for Repairing the Road Leading from the City of Dublin to the Town of Dunleer in the County of Lowth
A Present for Servants Containing Several Useful Articles of Information for Persons in Dependant Stations of Life As I Laws Relating to Servants and Labourers
A Collection of Psalms Hymns c c Intended for the Use of Helston Church
A Compleat Translation of the Welsh Preface to Mr Lhuyds Glossography or His Archeologia Britannica
A Treatise on the New Broad Sword Exercise by W Pepper the Fourth Edition with Additions
A Cry to the Professors Conscience or the Professors Looking-Glass Concerning His Thoughts Words and Actions
A Sermon Preached at the Parish Church of St James Westminster on February 6 1756 Being the Day Appointed by His Majesty for a General Fast on Occasion of the Late Earthquakes and the Present Situation of Public Affairs
The Christian Preacher Delineated
The Deity of Christ the Practical Benefit of Believing It with a True Heart and the Pernicious Consequences Which Follow the Denial of It Proved Preached in the Parish Church of All-Saints May 12 1785
A Collction [sic] of Songs in Several Languages Composd by Mr John Abell
A New General and Universal Atlas Containing Forty Five Maps by Andrew Dury
A Letter from Mr Forster to His Acquaintance in London Containing an Account of the P-RS Affairs with an Answer Thereto in a Short Narration of the Humours of the People in England
The History of the Whimsical Lovers Thomas Whittle and Ann Dobison with the Comical Reception He Found from That Common Jilt with a Taylor Commical Tales
A Sermon Preached Before the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in the Abbey Church of St Peter Westminster On Friday March 12 1762 by John Lord Bishop of Landaffe
The Contest of Divinity Law Physic c for the Prize of Infamy an Original Poem by Timothy Pheon the Second Edition
The Report of the Committee Appointed to Inspect Into the Books Papers and Accounts of the Intendant of the Revenue with His Answer and the Resolutions of the House of Delegates Thereon
The Pall-Mall Miscellany Containing Many Curious Pieces in Prose and Verse With Variety of New Songs Adapted to Old Ballad Tunes and Country Dances the Second Edition with Additions
An Appeal to the Consciences of a Degenerate People for the Vindication of Gods Proceedings with Them a Sermon Preachd at the Thursday-Lecture in Boston April 3 1729 [nine Lines from Jeremiah]
A Letter to the Right Hon William Pitt on the Means of Relieving the Present Scarcity and Preventing the Diseases That Arise from Meagre Food by Thomas Beddoes MD
A Speech Intended to Have Been Spoken on the Bill for Altering the Charters of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay a New Edition
A Sober Defence of the Reverend Ministers Who by a Subscription Have Lately Declard Their Faith in the Trinity in a Humble Address to the Reverend Ministers Who Were Otherwise Minded
The Insufficiency of Reason and Necessity of Revelation to Assure Men of the Pardon of Sin a Sermon Preached at the Triennial Visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God Richard Lord Bishop of Lincoln
The State and Condition of Our Taxes Considered Shewing the Justice Usefulness and Necessity of Such a Tax in Respect to Our Trading and Landed Interest and Especially If We Engage in a New War the Second Edition
Mr Maxwells Second Letter to Mr Rowley Wherein the Objections Against the Bank Are Answerd
An ACT for Enlarging the Capital Stock of the Bank of England and for Raising a Further Supply to Her Majesty for the Service of the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Nine
An Address to the Clergy of the Church of England
An Abridgment of the History of the Bible
Authentic Copies of Letters Between Sir Henry Clinton KB and the Commissioners for Auditing the Public Accounts

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